What Is Making Our Phone So Dirty?

We use our phone all day, every day for more than just phone calls and text messaging. We take our phone with us everywhere like a best friend. It’s not a surprise that our phone picks up bacteria and germs throughout the day. But where exactly is all that gunk on our phones coming from?

Using it after meals: Most people don’t wash their hands AFTER a meal. If you don’t, you not only transfer bacteria but also other things such as oil and food particles on the screen and other parts. Gives ‘leftovers’ a whole new meaning.

Using it in/after using restrooms: Using your phone after going to the restroom or worse, in the restroom is an open invitation to millions of germs such as E. coli. Especially if you use a public toilet, you are likely to pass on germs from other people who’ve touched that surface before you.

Using it in public transport: If you often commute via public transport, you perhaps have more germs on your phone. This is because you touch surfaces such as the pole, seat handles, etc. that a thousand others have touched, most likely without washing their hands. These then pass on to your screen when you touch it.

Your sweat: When you gossip on your phone for a long time with your BFF, you tend to sweat and deposit the germs on your phone’s screen. Taking your phone to the gym means exposing your phone to other’s sweat as well.

While playing with pets: Love playing with your pets? I’m sure you wash your hands after touching them before you sit down for a meal but do you wash them before you touch your phone too? Probably not.

When other people use it: Your phone may be your prized possession but it is quite rare that no else except you touches it. You may often pass it on to others to take pictures, make a call, show something, etc. They too pass on germs from their hands on your phone’s screen. According to research, 82% of hands have bacteria on them.

When you keep it on other surfaces: You are likely to keep your phone on surfaces such as the table, desk, bag, pocket, drawer, etc. These often have germs, dust particles, etc. which get transferred to your phone.

Good News: Your phone is a germ brick. The first step is admitting it. But we have your back. Use PhoneSoap 3 to sanitize AND charge your phone. You can thank us later.

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