Where Do You Keep Your Phone?

Where do you keep your phone when it’s not in your hands? Your pocket? Your purse? Your backpack? Your fanny pack? Regardless of where you keep it for safekeeping, those are places are where germs love to grow. Just think, you take these places everywhere and pick up germs along the way. They are put on the floors of restaurants and public restrooms. They are set on kitchen counters and on the seats on the subway. Germs are on our phones and the second we toss our phone into our bags and pockets for safekeeping, those germs are transferred inside. Germs will be living in areas that are dark and warm; a perfect environment for bacteria to grow.

Saint Martin’s University in Washington conducted a cool study on the growth of E.coli and what temperature it grows at most. The guys at Saint Martin’s found out that E.coli bacteria grows best at 37 C, which is the temperature of the average human body!

But do not fret! Keep tossing your phone in your pockets and fanny-packs. Just be sure to toss them into your PhoneSoap at least once a day. E.coli is no match to UV-C lights.


Phones are a germ breeding ground

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