8 Best Christmas Gifts for the Tech-Lover in Your Life

I’m just going to say it: “The 12 Days of Christmas” song has set us up to fail when it comes to gift-giving.

Look, reader, I like you and everything, but I don’t have the funds to send you five golden rings, seven swans a-swimming, or even a single partridge in a pear tree. (Also, does this mysterious benefactor send the tree, too?! Or the water the swans are swimming in? I have so many unanswered questions.)

Thankfully, though, when it comes to giving gifts to the techies in my life, they don’t even WANT turtledoves or leaping lords. (Also, I hope the "lords a-leaping" come with a gift receipt, because that’s a real weird gift and I would want to return it.)

They just want a few of the items on this list — and I have to admit, I can’t blame them, because these tech gifts are pretty awesome.


Ring doorbell

1. Ring Doorbell

Price: $199.99 on Amazon

As someone who has owned various video doorbells, I can say with confidence that Ring is the best out there. It’s easy to use and install, and it’s fast and reliable — plus, you can alert other Ring users in the area if you see suspicious activity on your doorbell camera. It’s truly the smartest way to stay safe. (See what I did there?)

Smart dog collar, bluetooth

2. Smart Dog Collar

Price: $119.99 on Amazon

Truly the perfect gift for anyone who is as obsessed with their pet as they are with technology. This smart collar is a GPS and activity tracker all rolled into one — can you say “paw-some?” Please don’t hate me.

UV Phone Sanitizer

3. PhoneSoap

Price: $79.95 on our website

We could literally spend all day talking about how great PhoneSoap is, but we’ll try to summarize: it provides you with a completely sanitized phone via UV-C technology in just ten minutes. Just think about all the things you touched today alone and you’ll see why you need something to completely disinfect your phone.

Tile Keychain

4. Tile Pro

Price: $34.99 at Home Depot

Ever misplace your wallet? Keys? FAMILY MEMBERS?! (Okay, sorry — got a little carried away.) If so, you need no longer fear: you can attach the Tile Pro to virtually anything and find it via Bluetooth. Peace of mind is priceless, but TBH this little guy is pretty easy on the wallet. It’s a win/win.


Color changing bluetooth speaker

5. Voch’s Color-Changing Bluetooth Speaker

Price: $33.99 on Amazon

Whether the tech lover in your life desires a little ~ambiance~ at their next backyard bash or just really wants a cool bedside lamp that doubles as a Bluetooth speaker, this is the perfect gift. With six colors to choose from, this speaker is sure to “light up” their life. (This is why I don’t have more friends.)


Ring Fit adventure Target

6. Nintendo Switch Ring Fit Adventure

Price: $79.99 at Target

I don’t care what you tell me about endorphins and stress-relief and blah blah blah — working out is the worst, especially when you could be spending your time inside playing the Switch instead. With Ring Fit Adventure, though… YOU CAN DO BOTH. *Faints* Needless to say, it’s the tech-lover’s dream.


Oculus Quest 2

7. Oculus Quest 2

Price: $299 on Oculus’s website

This virtual reality set is basically the equivalent of living inside the techie-favorite film Tron. Whether you want to face Darth Vader himself or live inside a Jurassic world, this VR set is the ultimate Christmas gift.

Muse headband meditation

8. Muse 2

Price: $199 on Muse’s website

As a proud Muse user, I can tell you that the Muse headband was a game-changer for me. Muse helps you to meditate — actually meditate, not just sit there in silence thinking about what you’re going to eat for dinner — via its brain-scanning headband. It tells you when your mind wanders and helps you get back on track, teaching you about focus, breathing, and mindfulness.

So there you have it — 8 of the best Christmas gifts for the tech-lover in your life! Which of these gifts are you planning on grabbing this holiday season? Tell us in the comments below!

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