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Here at PhoneSoap, we are so pleased to spotlight Gracie’s Gowns.

Gracie’s Gowns provides a beautiful service to our beloved little ones that find themselves a frequent or long-term visitor at a hospital. The team and volunteers at Gracie’s Gowns sew custom hospital gowns for children with chronic and life-threatening illnesses. Each gown is homemade and delivered to children across the world with sizes available for preemies through teens.



These gowns are dedicated to warming the heart of every child with feelings of comfort, security, and most of all a smile.


We had the honor of being a part of the second annual Abbie’s Nail Salon and Spa Day fundraising event hosted by Gracie’s Gowns and ASK Childhood Cancer Foundation. During this event ASK kids, siblings, and families enjoyed being pampered at the stations provided: nail polish, hair, make-up, and even foot massages!

Our PhoneSoap Locker made an appearance at this spectacular event, allowing attendees to sanitize their cell phones and other devices to help keep this event germ-free!



If you admire Gracie’s Gowns as much as we do, please consider giving them your support. There are many ways to help. Please visit to find out how.


We CARE at PhoneSoap. If you know someone, a business, or an organization that could benefit from our products please send an e-mail to and tell us your story.

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