Beat the Low Battery Blues: Keep Your Smartphone Charged!

Do you have nomophobia? If you’re afraid of your phone dying…then the answer is yes. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, we use our phones for EVERYTHING these days. You can’t have your phone dying right before requesting a Lyft home after a late-night out or as you’re going into labor in the cereal aisle of the supermarket.

Luckily there are a few ways we can avoid this problem.

  • Buy an extended battery phone case. There are dozens of companies that make these and they’re convenient because they kill two birds with one stone – keep your phone charged AND safe. My personal favorite is the Mophie. If you’re not into the bulkier phone case, you can also purchase an external battery to keep in your bag or car for emergencies.
  • Only use your phone manufacturer’s approved charging cables. Not many people know this, but knock-off charging cables can ruin your battery over time and decrease the overall lifespan of your device! I found this helpful article to explain how you can get around this.
  • If you know you’re going to be away from an outlet all day, avoid using your phone for anything other than the necessities. This one is obvious and self-explanatory.
  • Use low battery mode and dim your screen. Every bit counts when it comes to your phone battery! Dimming your screen can significantly increase the life of your battery. Many smartphones also come with a low battery mode that will reduce visual effects, email refresh, and automatic downloads.

If I haven’t convinced you yet to preserve your battery, LG once surveyed about 2,000 people on battery life: 9 out of 10 people have low battery anxiety and face severe anxiety when witnessing their battery drop to 20% or lower. According to LG, "low battery anxiety is the feeling of overwhelming fear experienced as your smartphone battery dies, causing you to live your life on your phone’s terms rather than your own." The experts at ChargeTech tell us that "the angst that follows with low battery is a signal of stress and actually raises our cortisol levels."

Now that I’ve given you a few EASY tips to avoid this problem, you shouldn’t ever have to worry about high cortisol levels as a result of your phone again! Live your life on YOUR terms…not your smartphone’s. Be smart about your phone battery and be smart about your health!

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