Make Up with Your Makeup Brushes

This one is for our LAAADDIEES…actually, it’s 2020 it can be for the guys out there too.

Makeup brushes. They are hotbeds for germs and bacteria. And if you’re like me, you leave your makeup brushes in your bathroom where steam from your shower causes the bacteria to grow more and more.

Hold it right there! No need to throw out your makeup brushes for being full of germs and bacteria. There is a solution!

It’s massively important to wash your brushes weekly. There are many different products to use to wash your brushes. I personally like using dishwashing soap and olive oil. It’s cheap and it doesn’t cause my face to break out.

For more details on the best ways to wash your makeup brushes, check out our other blog post

After you wash your brushes and they are dry, you still have bacteria to deal with. Both Staph and E. coli have been found on makeup brushes AFTER washing them. What we need is something to blast off those nasty suckers.

Well, rumors are true! You can put your makeup brushes in PhoneSoap to sterilize them! The PhoneSoap will rid of 99.99% of bacteria and germs WITHOUT causing harm to your brushes.

So wash and sterile my beauty gurus. Your skin is safe now. 

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