Reminder: Upgrade Your PhoneSoap

Unfortunately, we have retired the PhoneSoap Locker but we offer a smaller consumer device that can hold tablets and multiple phones called the HomeSoap

We get a lot of emails and comments asking if we had a product big enough for multiple tablets. We have an answer for you! That answer is, YES! The PhoneSoap Locker holds up to eight tablets that simultaneously charges and sanitizes your tablet.

PhoneSoap Locker provides a safe place to store personal electronic devices wherever you use them. Families can store devices from kids or lock up devices when leaving home. Hospitals and school administrators can store devices behind lock and key, helping with security and inventory assessment. The locker consists of a drawer with a key lock on the outside. On the inside, the separate compartments provide a convenient and secure spot for each device. The locker holds 8 devices, and it simultaneously accommodates different sizes and operating systems.

Just like our PhoneSoap 3 and the HomeSoap, the Locker will sanitize anything and everything you can fit inside. So get crazy and creative!

PhoneSoap Locker

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