PhoneSoap Reviews


PhoneSoap Reviews

Real customer & professional reviews of the PhoneSoap UV Sanitizers.


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"Every new parent is terrified of germs. But every new parent wants to snap endless photos of their infant. Therefore, you need this sanitizer."
"Being a Dad can be messy. One zap from this pocket-size gadget and his phone will be cleaner than your kitchen countertops."
"When someone says, "Talk dirty to me," they probably don't mean use a phone that's crawling with bacteria. The PhoneSoap 3 runs a ten-minute sanitizing cycle using UV-C light to obliterate 99.9% of germs from the shockingly filthy surface of that little device you keep pressed against your face every day."
"And it's more than just peace of mind. PhoneSoap gives real results that'll help keep you and the people around you healthier. Germaphobe or not, if you're going to treat your phone like your third hand, you should clean it like one too."

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“The leader in mobile device disinfectant and cleaning.”
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